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Entry #3

Let's talk about's moderators.

2010-04-25 12:28:56 by Stu-Finer

We are all aware of what a moderator does. They make sure a place where public postings are kept in order and safe for all to see. They make sure flash videos and audio are getting the reviews and criticism they deserve. But to what point do they have the power to rid of any persons review? especially if a flash video isn't even good to begin with.

Now trust me, when I was like 16, I became a forum moderator on gamebattles, and of course we had to follow rules of regulating pages and comments. But, as on most websites, some moderators abuse their power.

But what I'm here to argue is the fact that I have commented on some worthless flash art the past months and a MAJORITY of the comments have been removed. Why? Who knows. But the right to free speech anywhere has been violated at this point. Although my opinion may not really have any effect on anything, it should still be anyone's right to have their comment/review kept up for all to see. Especially if the video is garbage.

Moderator kidray76 told me: "Put a litle more effort into your reviews."
What was it I said about the shitty-ass video? Well here:

Score: 0 / 10
Summary: ....
Review: the fuck?

I was banned for 2 days. 2 FUCKING DAYS, cause some douchebag had the audacity to tell me what I should do. Fuck you kidfag76.

Then I receive yet another ban notification in my PM inbox.

Moderator ramagi says: "well teh review go blammeds"
What did I say you ask? Well here's the raw message:

Score: 0 / 10
Summary: .....
Review: oh.... wow....


Just for speaking my mind, I get banned from commenting or reviewing, whatever the fuck it is, for 2 days. Thanks ramagi, you internet asshat.

For some reason this is angering me. And if you don't understand why, its because internet tool bags, such as the moderators mentioned above, are killing the free speech we as people derive from birth. Fuck dumbass moderators.


P.S. Fuck you M-BOT.

Let's talk about's moderators.


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2010-04-25 12:33:41

Your whole argument becomes invalid once you realize that this is a private website, and Tom Fulp has every right to run it how he sees fit.
You still have the right to type anything you wish and exercise that "right to free speech". Mr. Fulp has the "authority" & "power" to delete any bullshit he may wish.
You wish to trample rights in order to exercise your own.

Stu-Finer responds:

(Sorry this was a tad late to respond)
I'm was not saying Tom has no power. If Tom deleted it and sent me a message then I wouldn't bother, cause he runs the site. I was just simply stating some moderators that pissed me off.

And yes, that's the beautiful contradiction the Bill of Rights have left us. For us to try to ruin free speech with free speech, and all that hooblah.

But I appreciate your argument btw.