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Making a New Movie

2007-07-25 12:20:01 by Stu-Finer

Hello people who are viewing this,

I am currently making a movie project not for NG, but for a film festival in my home town of Miami Beach! Seems weird right? Only cause most of you don't know me at all. Still, I'm asking YOU, the public, for your help.

I need audio for this movie, lots and lots of audio. I also need some filming ideas, for example: Killing movie, Cop movie, Drama movie, etc. [Only because i can't make up my mind..]

Please help, the deadline is far into the furture. Comments and private messaging are open for all of your ideas. No stupid ass ideas plz...
(Political stuff can be used too :D[fo rizzle])


Here, I drew something something for all of you fags to giggle at.

Making a New Movie


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2007-07-27 14:53:49

Hey stu whats up! Whats the name of the lounge? Maybe if i ever make it out to Florida i could swing by!

Stu-Finer responds:

It's at my house dude. It's pretty big, i designed it myself. lol